Meet The Animals

Delilah and Dotty the donkeys and our big, fat Kune Kune pigs Alvin and Douglas, love nothing more than to lie in the sun and have their bellies rubbed.


They literally fall to the floor and lift their leg up so you can give their tummy a good scratch, they are loving all the attention they are getting from the children visiting every day!


Accompanied children are encouraged to pet and care for them – making both parties involved extremely happy.

Our little miniature donkeys – Delilah and Dotty – have a barn and sand paddock at the end of the garden.

Also our pig – Douglas – lives in his own house behind the fence. The children are able to go in and visit as they wish, they absolutely love a scratch!  Or they can watch them from the other side of the fence. We have regular visits from the farrier to trim their feet and the dentist who files their teeth – all observed by anyone who wants to watch!

A family run Children’s Day Nursery established in 2001…