After a devastating fire on May 24th 2019 which started next door and gutted our whole building we were forced to move to modular buildings to the rear of the nursery. It took three months to set up a whole new nursery with 24 buildings to accommodate the same numbers we were taking in the house.


Ofsted inspected us and gave us the OK to re open on 24th August! It is not as pretty as our lovely Victorian Villa but the staff have done an amazing job at recreating the homely and cosy atmosphere in each room. We opened in temporary accommodation to the rear of the building after a fire in 2020. We are hoping to move back into the building by Spring 2025.


We are very lucky to have direct access to the garden and we can still make the most of outdoor play in our big garden, we were in the process of renovating the garden which will proceed once we have a roof on the building and it is safe for workmen to work under.

We are in the process of building a large deck which will provide a huge all weather play area, some covered with sand and water play, messy play, quiet areas and creative play. The middle section is going to be astro turfed with lots of exciting climb on play equipment and the bottom half is a tarmac race track for scooting, ride ons and running!


At the bottom of the garden we have our paddock with the animals and barn, the children can go in with the animals if they want to or they can stroke them over the fence.

  • The nursery is split into five rooms.
  • Babies 0 to 14 months
  • Big Babies 14 m to 2yrs
  • Toddlers 2yrs to 3yrs
  • Junior Crocodiles 3yrs to 4 yrs
  • Junior Butterflies 3yrs to 4yrs

A family run Children’s Day Nursery established in 2001…