Ark in the Park Policies

Please view all company policies (links and downloads) available below.

Accident (Minor) Policy and Procedure

Achieving Positive Behaviour

Administration of Medication Policy

Admissions Policy

Child Collection Policy

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Confidentiality Child Parent GDPR Policy

Conjunctivitis Policy

Early Years Entitlement Policy

Emergency Closure Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

GDPR Policy

Hand, Foot and Mouth Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

Inclusion Policy

Intimate Care and Toileting Policy

Moving children up through the nursery policy

Non collection of a child policy

Outings and Trips Policy

Partnership with parents – parental involvement policy

Preventing Ill Health from Animals Policy

Safeguarding policy 2020


Serious Incident or Accident – Intruder Lockdown Policy

Settling in Policy

Sickness Policy

Strep A Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Visitors Policy

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